Paint shop

Does your vehicle need to be painted in color or have you had damage? Then you just let your car be sprayed by Visser? Visser Leeuwarden has its own paint shop, where new and second-hand ambulances are suitably provided with professional paintwork.

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Painting, damage treatment and striping

Whether it is parts, exterior or the complete interior. If an ambulance needs paintwork, then this can be done by Visser Leeuwarden if desired.

Also the professional treatment of small damages and the application of striping to taste, is part of the possibilities. The paint shop is led by trained teams with excellent product knowledge. of course they have professional equipment.

Durable paint floor

Visser paint floor of Polyurethane. Durable and wear-resistant. Waterproof for easy cleaning with a raised edge. Integrated anti-slip structure for safe use under all conditions.

New paint layer or striping needed?

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