FLF Z6 Hybrid

We provide security.

Our fire department vehicles
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    Light concept

    The powerful and extremely efficient LED lighting technology generates an impressive amount of light. Thanks to the design and placement, you immediately attract the attention of other road users, in short; we provide security.

    • Aerodynamic
    • Innovative
    • Connected
    • Economical
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    Top Integro

    With our Top Integro design we are ready for the future and ready to enter the world of connectivity.

    In addition to delivering a modular and state-of-the-art lighting concept, we are also contributing to a better environment. The new Top Integro saves up to 5,000 kg CO2 savings. Every kilo of weight saving and optimal aerodynamics also reduce CO2 emissions.
    City traffic, but also planned care and emergency runs play the vehicle weight and aerodynamics an important role by frequent acceleration and braking. The Top Integro saves up to 5,000 kg CO2 at a mileage of 250,000 km compared to technology from previous light concepts.
    Visser Ambulance Lichtconcept
    In addition, these previous light units of the older generation require about 8% more fuel than the aerodynamically and structurally optimized Top Integro light console. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) will therefore go down considerably.
    The Top Integro is made of lightweight ABS plastic and is equipped with clear caps with multiple optional options depending on the set of standards in the country where the vehicle will be in service. This is how we distinguish ourselves from competing providers. The ABS plastic is not only light, but consists of 100% recyclable materials. At the front, the flat design, the dominant power flasher and the streamlined side flanks of the console immediately stand out. The modern shape expresses one thing above all: dynamism!
    The rear roof console is the same as the front and aerodynamically designed, in addition, this gives the vehicle an innovative look. The lighting technology of the Top Ingro consists of light-emitting diodes and is therefore particularly economical and sustainable. The pronounced brightness guarantees a high signal effect. The arrangement of the individual LED modules ensures that the vehicle increases its visibility power and clarity in all situations and is recognized at an early stage, regardless of the direction from which it approaches.
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    Therefore a ZIEGLER

    ZIEGLER offers the best and most competitive portfolio in the field of fire protection. Our main goal is to protect public safety.

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    • 40 years of competence and fellowship

      For 40 years we have been a partner of the fire brigade. We know exactly what is needed. Time and again we make use of our experiences, to make the work of the fire brigade easier and safer with practical innovations.

    • inhouse quality

      From the smallest imaginable trailer type to the most advanced crash tender: We offer the complete range of vehicles. Anyone who chooses Ziegler gets a complete package: cab, body, pumps and equipment from our own house. All in certified ZIEGLER quality.

    • Innovative technologies

      In everything we do, we make sure that it matches our brand promise. Innovations and developments, everything at and from ZIEGLER is about safety. No day-to-day experience is too much and no detail is omitted.

    Z Control
    Z-Control Benchmark for control systems
    Z Connect
    Z-Connect Digital solutions for emergency services
    Duikstoelen brandweervoertuig
    Ergonomic diving seats RDW approved diving equipment
    VB-Fullair techniek slider
    Full-air suspension system Full air suspension
    Connected technology

    Technology is needed to develop and connect new technical solutions and products. We believe that this is even more important than it is today and thus offer many possibilities.


    The crew on the vehicle can monitor and operate all important functions via the Z-Control panel, which is rotatable and arranged on the dashboard. The ergonomically designed control panels are clearly and neatly arranged.

    Het Z-Control bedieningspaneel overtuigt met zijn zeer duidelijke en gebruiksvriendelijke structuur. Op het Z-Control paneel heeft de gebruiker alle functies in één oogopslag.

    • Identical user interface for all vehicles and components of the ZIEGLER group: From ambulances to fire trucks and everything in between.
    • Safe operation, glove-friendly and intuitive user guidance (through light color and light animation): only the functions that can be activated are visible on the interface.
    • Assistance system for warnings, errors, status displays and other information.
    • Training mode possible – the entire system (the vehicle) can optionally be set to the training mode and the user can, for example, perform a simulated situation.
    • The housing consists of one piece. Therefore, the control units are absolutely waterproof in both vertical and horizontal positions.
    • Maximum flexibility in the combination of functions by means of modules that can be combined separately in different housings or in control panels. These can be used in standard or special vehicles.
    • New series of mobile control units are available in various ways on products and vehicles.
    • Ergonomic attachments to ensure that the control unit is comfortable in the hand.
    • Integrated telematics function for future access to all important data.
    • Flexible expansion according to the customer’s requirements – if necessary, many functions can be changed, exchanged or added later.
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    In cooperation with ZIEGLER, Visser offers you digital help concepts. With the new, own Z-Connect system, ZIEGLER has developed market-ready connectivity (telematics, gateway and IoT capabilities) for products and vehicles. Now Visser can gradually offer digital services, the functions of which are constantly expanded, but also - and this is particularly important - an interface with all common industry platforms and service providers.

    With Z-Connect, Visser brings its full know-how to the industry and offers a system that guarantees the usability, operation and user-friendliness for emergency services. For the first time, our vehicles, equipment and people are all centrally connected. The products we use are specially designed for manufacturers of emergency vehicles, suppliers of rescue equipment and suppliers of operation-specific software. In addition, we supply manufacturer-independent solutions for organizations with security tasks and for regional and national governments.

    Together with our suppliers, we are setting up Z-Connect in the IMBOS cloud: a neutral and open cloud platform concept that serves as the main source of information for authorities and organizations, including vehicle data, emergency services, equipment and victims. It offers real-time location and identification combined with background information. In addition, there are numerous functions, services and extensions available.

    Fleet management system
    High-quality, industrial hardware and software system with the highest safety standard in the automotive sector: transmission speed, connectivity, 5G, cloud-based.

    Ready for any challenge
    Technology from the commercial vehicle industry meets the technical expertise of emergency services. User-friendly and easy user experience for small and large management tasks of daily routines from presence, warning, operation to debriefing and maintenance. Our system connects products, vehicles, devices, patients and operational forces, scalable and adaptable.

    Endless diversity
    Connection to an open platform system with accessible interfaces, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in the interest of ensuring public safety.

    Vehicle management
    Within the module, the signals and alerts of your vehicle are converted and displayed accordingly in the vehicle management framework. As a result, the application will process signals and provide functionality for your dashboard or API interfaces.

    Customized reports from the fleet management system

    Alert & push messages
    Send data and information about critical situations directly to the end user

    Scheduled maintenance
    Develop your own scheduled maintenance applications

    Pro analytics
    Receive custom reports and dashboards for your vehicle, part or control system.

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    Ergonomic diving seats

    Visser Leeuwarden has developed its own RDW approved ergonomic diving seat with an air breathing belt suitable for the Interspiro MKII 2× 4 diving seat.

    Duikstoelen brandweervoertuig

    Clamp bracket:
    The cylinders are fixed at the top by means of a clamp bracket that is unlocked by an electrically operated closure. Then, with the help of the gas spring construction, the clamp bracket goes up.

    Lumbar supports:
    To increase the comfort of the diving seat, it has two lumbar supports. This promotes safety and sitting comfort when no diving seat is placed in the holder.

    Foldable seat:
    The diving seat is equipped with a foldable seat, so that things in the plastic crate below can be easily packed.

    Shoulder harness support:
    To easily put on a diving harness, the Visser Leeuwarden diving seat can optionally be provided with two foldable shoulder harness supports.

    Adjustable height:
    The diving seat is equipped with a linear step motor with an adjustable height of up to 300 mm. The advantage is that the diver can put on the diving equipment at any desired height while sitting without having to perform difficult maneuvers.

    Air breathing belt
    The developed and approved Dekra air breathing belt meets the European directive EN 1846-2. The air breathing belt is particularly user-friendly and consists at the bottom of a plastic monoblock suitable for o.a. Interspiro MKIII and Dräger PSS Dive diving equipment and for o.a. diving cylinders 2× 4 / or 1× 6 liter.

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    Full-air suspension system

    Emergency vehicles must be able to transport people and equipment quickly and safely within the legal response times. A full-air suspension ensures fast and safe rides through high vehicle stability, excellent ride comfort and optimal road holding.

    VB-Fullair techniek slider

    Full air suspension is an automatic, adjustable solution for a spring problem, in which the existing leaf or screw spring is replaced by a fully air spring system. This system includes, among other things, air bags, shock absorbers, height sensors, a compressor and an electronic control unit.
    The air spring system, so to speak, filters out the unevenness from the road surface, which increases the ride comfort.

    The ride height is the most optimal height for comfort and stability. The road holding and stability of the vehicle are improved, which is beneficial to safety. When the vehicle is stationary (in some cases with the handbrake applied), it is possible to raise or lower the step for easy entry and exit.

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    ELW 2 Commando

    Maximum quality and innovation


    The construction and layout of the vehicle are composed based on your wishes. The product portfolio of fire trucks from Visser Leeuwarden is therefore constantly expanding.

    Visser Leeuwarden Sprinter
    Spray floor

    Spray floor of polyurethane. Durable and wear-resistant. Waterproof for easy cleaning with a raised edge. Integrated anti-slip structure for safe use under all conditions.

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    Fitting of the equipment room

    The equipment room is fitted to the customer's specific requirements based on the materials used by the customer.

    These materials are, among other things, attached with the height-adjustable Ziegler aluminum setting profile. This adjustable fitting always allows changes. If, after a few years, it turns out that new packing parts must be included in the standard vehicle packing, a new layout can be realized without major measures
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    ARBO ladder rack

    Visser has developed its own lightweight electric, mechanical and manual ARBO ladder racks for easy storage of a ladder.

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    Light mast

    In addition, the equipment room can be equipped with a pneumatic light mast with an electrically operated rotating tilt unit. Such a light mast is also equipped, for example, with a 200 Watt LED work lamp.

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    Visser Leeuwarden develops and produces high-quality fire-fighting vehicles. We do this in an innovative way, in accordance with the most recent quality and safety requirements. Gerard Buring